9 great talks to watch for Video Games Day

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thinkstock_96083991_586x357Gamers, unite! Today, July 8, is officially known as Video Games Day. Whether you lose hours to your Xbox or stay glued to your smart phone to play, today is dedicated to all those games that rile you up and drive you crazy. These days, the most riveting video games use motion sensors, animation and artificial intelligence —  technologies that the creators of Pong probably couldn’t have imagined. The nine TED Talks below, organized by year, show not only the science behind, but also the evolution of, your favorite games. Grab some snacks, clear your schedule and embark on this epic video game adventure.

[ted_talkteaser id=474]
The talk: Brenda Laurel on games for girls
The year: 1998
Pulled from the archive, Brenda Laurel’s TED1998 talk addresses the gender imbalance in the video game market and what her company, Purple Moon, is doing about it.
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The talk: Torsten Reil…

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